What is WooCommerce?

Posted by admin on December 23, 2013  /   Posted in News

WooCommerce is a free e-commerce plugin, designed to add a wide range of features to the WordPress content management system platform.

Stated quite simply, WooCommerce allows you to sell virtually anything via your WordPress website. The simple and intuitive interface makes it simple for an ‘average Joe’ to create an e-commerce website in mere minutes. What’s more, the plugin is free!

WordPress’ WooCommerce plugin also provides sellers with a range of features, such as discounts, shipping options, tax options, customer notifications and beyond — all while maintaining SEO-friendly
qualities that will keep your WordPress site at the top of the pile when it comes to your performance in the search engines.

WooCommerce is also favored for its developer-friendly nature. This enables developers to create additional plugins, which enable the user to add even more features to their WordPress/WooCommerce
platform. In fact, Fern Technology has crafted a new plugin, designed to expand your WordPress site’s ecommerce capabilities.

Fern Technology’s Woo Daily Deals plugin, now available for $14.00 USD, allows WooCommerce users to add a clever, easy-to-use daily deals feature to their existing online shop or you can use it to create an entirely new stand-alone daily deals website. Adding new deals takes mere moments and you can schedule new deals to go live days, weeks or months in advance, making management simple for busy, on the-go shop owners!

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