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The Woo Daily Deals plugin adds daily deals capabilities to your WooCommerce website.

Woo Daily Deals is hosted at the Woo Daily Deals page on Code Canyon.  See that page for documentation, screenshots, live demo, comments, support, purchase and download.

For your convenience, there are copies of some of the most important documentation on this page below.  However, the Woo Daily Deals page on Code Canyon is still the main page for this plugin (and where you purchase and download it from).

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Product Description

Fern Technology’s Woo Daily Deals plugin is designed to add powerful daily deals capabilities to your WordPress website.

With Woo Daily Deals, you’ll have the power to create daily deals offerings for your existing e-commerce shop. You can also create a stand alone daily deals platform, where you can offer an unlimited numbers of deals for your retail shop or other business.

Woo Daily Deals makes it simple to leverage the current popularity of daily deals for your business, without paying a large commission to a site like Groupon. With no fees cutting into your profits, you’re free to boost sales and revenue with ease!

With our Woo Daily Deals WordPress plugin, you can set up new deals within a matter of moments — it’s the perfect way to perk up sales on a slow day! You can also schedule specific daily deals to rotate at a particular point in time each day, making it simple and convenient to manage your promotions.

Please note that you must have the WooCommerce e-commerce plugin installed on your WordPress site in order to use the Woo Daily Deals plugin.

Thank you for your interest in WooCommerce Daily Deals :)


This plugin requires a WordPress website with the WooCommerce extension installed.

You must have WooCommerce 2.0 or higher installed.

The server your website is hosted on should support PHP 5.3 or higher, if it doesn’t, this extension will not work.

Most hosting providers support PHP 5.3 or higher nowadays, however if you want to check send them a quick message and they will advise you.

To see a demo of the plugin’s front-end, please click here.

To see a demo of the administration pages, please click here.

The admin demo username and password are:-

Username: demo
Password: demo

For the Woo Daily Deals User Manual, please click here.

Support for Woo Daily Deals is available in three places:-

  1. The Comments tab on the Woo Daily Deals page on Code Canyon.  Once you’ve signed in, you’ll be able to post comments there.  Which we (and other users) can and will respond to.
    Note that there are quite a few questions and answers already in the Comments section.  So your question may already have been answered there.

    Note also that the questions and comments you post in the Comments section are public (other web users can see and reply to them). Unlike the other two contact methods below, where you’re effectively emailing us privately.

  2. The main Fern Technology page on Code Canyon (click the link in the Email ferntechnology box, at the bottom of the right sidebar).  This will pop up a contact form, so that you can email your enquiry to us.
  3. The Contact Page on this site (our main Contact page).

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Woo Daily Deals plugin (either pre or post sale), please contact us (using any of the methods above).  Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, so we’re happy to provide answers to your questions or concerns.  We also enjoy hearing about your ideas and feedback!

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